Exercise and Sport Science (EXSS)

Dr. Cliffa Foster, Chairperson

The Department of Exercise & Sport Science seeks to develop the total personality of the individual student through a selected and varied program of pre-physical therapy, sport management, physical education teacher education, exercise science, applied fitness and conditioning activities, and related educational internships and opportunities. Grades of “C” or better are required in all courses (including BIOL 2440 and BIOL 2441) counting toward Exercise Science, All-level (EC-12) Physical Education, Sport Management, and Pre-Physical Therapy majors and minors.

Desirable outcomes for the individual expected to result from this emphasis are a greater understanding of human performance from a physiological, anatomical, kinesiological, and functional standpoint. The exercise scientist excels at assessment, prescription, and the physiological basis for physical fitness. In addition, a high level of physical fitness, improved motor skills, greater neuromuscular coordination, personal and group social skills, refined kinesthetic sense, ability to think and to interpret knowledge, and refined and enlarged appreciation for an understanding of activity performance are expected outcomes.

To reach these desired outcomes, the department provides services through the following:

  1. The instructional program of a wide variety of activity classes for all students.
  2. A professional certification program for individuals who wish to pursue a career in teaching Early Childhood-12 grade and coaching.
  3. A professional preparation program for those that wish to pursue a career in Exercise Science.
  4. A professional pre-preparation program for individuals who wish to pursue a career in Physical Therapy.
  5. A professional preparation program for individuals who wish to pursue a career in Sports Management.
  6. A professional preparation curriculum program to prepare students who plan to pursue an advanced degree in Exercise Science and Sports Administration.