Christian Ministry Certificate


The Certificate in Christian Ministry is designed for ministers and church members desiring entry-level preparation for ministry service. The program is offered through extension centers for those who desire increased knowledge of the Bible, Baptist history and doctrine, and Christian ministry. The Certificate in Christian Ministry is available to anyone (except regularly admitted students) who demonstrates reading and writing proficiency regardless of educational background.


Students must complete an application form which can be obtained through the program contact person. Applications are due no later than the first class day and can be submitted to the program contact person. A non-refundable, one-time application fee of $25 will be turned in with the application. Students who have not graduated from high school or completed the General Educational Development Testing Program (GED) must demonstrate language proficiency in reading and writing. A proficiency test must be taken before the second class session. The Belton campus will provide the test, but students should talk to their local contact person to set up a time and place to take it.


Any student desiring to benefit from the instruction in a course may audit the course if the space is available. An auditor’s work will not be evaluated by the instructor nor will any credit or a grade be received by the auditor. The decision to audit must be done at registration and cannot be changed after the close of the registration period. The cost of auditing a course is half the regular tuition rate. The BGCT ministerial scholarship cannot be used to cover this charge.

Financial Arrangements

The cost of each course in the Certificate in Christian Ministry program is one third of the per credit hour tuition for the regular undergraduate program. The Baptist General Convention of Texas offers a ministerial scholarship, the amount of which is presently $50 per credit hour at UMHB to licensed, ordained or certified Southern Baptist ministers. The application and approval process does take some time, so it is best for students to apply as soon as possible when they decide to begin the program. This scholarship cannot be used to cover the cost of auditing classes. Contact the College of Christian Studies at (254) 295-5075, for more information. If a church, a church-related organization of another Christian denomination, or any person or other organization wishes to help fund the education of its ministers through this program, such scholarships may also be applied toward a student’s bill. Payment must be made in full at the time of registration.