Christian Studies

Dr. William D. Carrell, Christian Ministry

Dr. Carol Holcomb, Church History

Dr. Renate V. Hood, New Testament and Greek

Dr. Leroy Kemp, Theology and Christian Ministry

Dr. Tony M. Martin, New Testament, Greek, World Religions

Dr. Michael D. Robinson, Theology and Philosophy

Dr. Stephen Von Wyrick, Old Testament, Hebrew, Biblical Archaeology


The College of Christian Studies offers two degree programs and a variety of minors designed to meet the needs and interests of students. Each degree program includes the core courses required of all UMHB students, foundational Christian Studies courses, and courses for the preferred concentration. The College also offers minors to all university students in the areas of Christian Studies, Biblical Studies, Philosophy, Biblical Languages, and Archaeology. The degree programs of the College prepare students for advanced study in graduate schools or seminary and for service in the local church or other ministry and mission settings.

Grade Requirement: A grade less than “C” in Christian Studies courses will not apply toward any major or minor offered in the College of Christian Studies.