THEA 4300 Directing

Study of the basic techniques of working with actors as well as the analysis of plays for production and the "geometry" of stage blocking. Practical experience in direction of a project negotiated with the instructor.


THEA 4350 Playwriting

Study of plotting, analysis, and dialogue in the preparation of a dramatic work. Practical experience in creative writing of one-act and/or full length plays. Prerequisite: DRAM 2350.


THEA 4395 Internship in Theatre

Students are mentored by professionals in per formance organizations for at least nine hours per week. The intern is to observe, first-hand, day-to-day functions and operations of the organization and given meaningful projects to perform. These duties are to be negotiated amond the mentor, UMHB faculty, and inter n. The intern's work is to be evaluated by the mentor and UMHB faculty at the end of the internship. The intern will keep a daily log with simple one-or two-line entries that identify daily tasks, accomplishments, hours worked, and any problems encountered.