NURS 4518 Leadership/Management

A clinical nursing course designed to provide students with learning opportunities related to further developing leadership/management skills in the delivery of nursing care in a variety of health delivery systems. Opportunities are given for students to plan and implement nursing care for groups of clients integrating nursing clinical models, while managing nursing personnel and resources. Emphasized are theories and concepts of change, the use of research findings, management, evaluation, critical thinking, decision-making, leadership, strategic planning, economics, and organizational structure. Also emphasized is the ability to apply concepts related to client care needs, interpersonal relationships, communication theory, and clinical decision making. Students are provided with learning experiences to develop nursing roles and skills based on professional standards and values that are appropriate to meeting groups of clients' health needs. Prerequisites: NURS 2 310, 3312, 3610, 3611, 3612, 3614, 3313, 4312 , 4610, and 4614. Concurrent enrollment in NURS 4313 and 4616 is usual for the traditional student. Lab fee.