ESOL 1191 Special Topics in ESOL

Topics of interest or more intermediate and advanced level study related to English for Speakers of Other Languages. Designed for international students. Some courses may be designated as lab courses.


ESOL 1301 Readings in English

Emphasizes the development of reading skills, utilizing academic, literary and biblical texts.


ESOL 1302 English Idioms

An overview of English idioms, American colloquial usage, and other specialized vocabulary for the academic classroom.


ESOL 1303 Basics of English Grammar

A grammar review for non-native speakers of English; course includes a study of parts of speech and sentence structures.


ESOL 1304 Oral Communication in English

A communicative competency course emphasizing the improvement of listening skills and pronunciation.


ESOL 1305 Elements Effective Writing in Engl

Emphasizes the development of paragraph writing skills in various styles using process writing techniques.