EDUC 4320 Intrdscplnry Math & Science Stratgs

This field-based course is a study of the mat erials, methods, and fundamental principles n ecessary to teach math and science for prospe ctive teachers seeking interdisciplinary cert ification. Course objectives include acquiri ng the knowledge and skills needed for planni ng, organizing, and effectively delivering in struction based upon the Math and Science Tex as Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Pra ctical activities include hands-on experience for teaching in a developmentally appropriat e manner using manipulatives and other concre te representations, as well as technology. P rocess, inquiry, and critical thinking skills are stressed. As a field based course, stude nts are expected to design and participate in learning activities both in the field and th e UMHB classroom. Prerequisites: MATH 2309 o r MATH 2313.