Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Degree - Academic Core

The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies is designed for individuals who are currently employed in or who wish to be employed in fields that do not require a degree in a specific subject area. It is also an appropriate program for persons who desire a degree only for purposes of personal enrichment.

To receive a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree, a student must fulfill the following course requirements:

Degree Requirements

A. Core Courses - 46 hours


determined by major

English - 9 hours

ENGL 1321Rhetoric & Composition I


ENGL 1322Rhetoric & Composition II


ENGL Literature


Quantitative Reasoning - 3 hours

MATH only

MATH 1304Quantitative Reasoning




Lab Science - 4 hours

Scientific Inquiry or Natural Sciences - 3 hours

Fine Arts - 3 hours

Fulfilled by Major

Freshman Seminar - 1 hour

UMHB 1101Freshman Seminar


UMHB 1101: required for first-time freshmen with fewer than 12 semester hours of transfer credit only

Chapel - 1 to 4 credits

UMHB 1002Chapel


UMHB 1002: credits determined by admission classification

Christian Studies - 6 hours

CSBS 1311Old Testament Survey


CSBS 1312New Testament Survey


Social Science - 6 hours

two different subject areas outside of major

World Ideas or Philosophy or Non-US History - 3 hours

Contemporary World Issues or Social Science - 3 hours

Speech Communication - 3 hours

COMM 1320Public Speaking


Activity PE - 2 courses

Fine Arts Experience - 2-8 hours

UMHB 1005Fine Arts Experience


UMHB 1005: credits determined by admission classification

B. Two Concentrations - 48 hours

Each Concentration must have:

24 hours chosen from one college except Nursing

12 hours upper-level

12 hours at UMHB 6 of which must be upper-level


Courses from at least three areas represented by course prefixes

Associate degree academic or technical fields excluding General Studies may be a concentration

Courses in the general education core will not also count towards hours in the concentration

C. Electives - 30 hours

D. Total for Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Degree - 124 hours