Chemistry, Environmental Science and Geology

Dr. Ruth Ann Murphy, Chairperson

The Department of Chemistry, Environmental Science, and Geology strives to equip all their students taking these sciences with an awareness of the impact of modern technology on our society, as well as to introduce them to the essentials of these disciplines. Persons majoring in Chemistry are given the foundation necessary for graduate study and/or for employment in the chemical industry. Likewise, fundamental training is provided for those planning to enter science education or any of the pre-professional fields.

The Chemistry major with a Biochemistry Emphasis is recommended for students planning to attend medical or dental school or to pursue a career in medical research. Students interested in environmental studies are encouraged to major in Chemistry with an Emphasis in Environmental Chemistry. The Chemistry Major with an Emphasis in Hazardous Materials Management is designed for students who plan work requiring a knowledge of the proper handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous materials.