PSCO 6395 Practicum

This course is the first of three clinical instruction courses offering supervised clinical practice in counseling skills, behaviors, professional orientation/disposition, and assessment. Primary emphasis is on performing counseling and related activities in a specified agency, school, church, or community clinical mental health setting. Practicum students are required to work as counseling interns at the UMHB Community Life Center, the counselor training facility for the Graduate Counseling and Psychology Programs. A total of 100 clock hours are required. Of these 100 hours, 40 must be direct counseling experience with the remaining 60 hours in testing, report writing, case consultation, peer-supervision, client staffing and educational enhancement activities such as video tape reviews and book reviews related to specific disorders, theories, and/or issues. NOTE: Students in the School Counseling Program will be required to complete a minimum of 100 hours of direct client service, 40 at the Community Life Center and 60 in the school, with an additional 50 hours of indirect service for a total of 150 hours. Prerequisites: PSCO 6308, PSCO 6312, PSCO 6315, PSCO 6320, PSCO 6326, PSCO 6351, PSCO 6370, and PSCO 6394. Lab fee and insurance are required.




Graduate (Psychology/Counselin