Administration and Staff

Ables, Charles

Chemistry Supplies Coordinator, College of Sciences

Adams, Beverly

Development Services Coordinator, Alumni Relations

Adams, Jeremy

Gardener II, Facilities Services

Aguillon, Justen

Certification Coordinator, Registrar’s Office

Arwood, Tracie

Accounts Payable Clerk, Controller’s Office

Bachmayer, David

Electrician II, Facilities Services

Baker, Angela

Hardware Engineer, Information Technology

Ball, Michael

Senior Director, Development

Bankhead, Brad

Head Coach, Men’s Soccer

Bankhead, Shannon

Resident Director, Residence Life

Beaty, Debbie

Associate Registrar, Registrar’s Office

Beaty, Rebecca

Secretary to the Dean, College of Business

Beebe, Betty Sue

UMHB Museum Curator

Berg, Denise

Admissions and Recruiting Coordinator,

Bonner, Katie

Student Success Specialist, Center for Academic Excellence

Bower, Sherry

Financial Services Representative, Controller’s Office

Branscom, David

Assistant Coach, Football

Brazeal, Melanie

Secretary to the Dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts

Brischke, Kristina

Director, Transition Programs

Brown, Ronald

Director, Financial Aid

Bulls, Nita

Assistant Manager, Bookstore

Bumpus, Katy

Assistant Director, Student Organizations

Burks, Brent

Director, Admissions and Recruiting

Carothers, Larry

Chemistry Lab Coordinator, College of Sciences

Carpenter, Stacy

Office Manager and Nursing Advisor, College of Nursing

Chamness, Vickie

Records Clerk, Registrar’s Office

Chapman, Bethany

Institutional Research Coordinator

Cohagan, James

Head Coach, Tennis

Cohagan, Susan

Secretary, Student Development

Cooke, Tammy

Secretary, Spiritual Life

Cooper, Paul

HVAC Technician II

Cottrell, Debbie

Manager, Bookstore

Coulson, Jena

Assistant Director, Baptist Student Ministry

Crosby, Dani Beth

Assistant Director, Alumni Relations

Crothers, Teresa

Administrative Assistant, Development

Cummings, Pamela

Administrative Assistant, Provost’s Office

Daniel, Glenn

Special Events Coordinator, University Host

Darden, Keith

Construction Technician I, Facilities Services

Daugherty, Kay

Cataloging Manager, Library

Davidson, Landra

Admissions Counselor, Admissions and Recruiting

Davison, Brent

Vice President for Development

Day, Yvette

Project Coordinator, Campus Planning

Deorsam, J. David

Construction Services Supervisor, Facilities Services

DeWeese, Kenneth

Head Coach, Men’s Basketball

Dixon, Frances

Serials Manager, Library

Dodd, Scott

Director, Campus Construction

Duffield, Patricia Ann

Patrol Operations Lieutenant, Campus Police

Dugger, William

Landscape Services Supervisor, Facilities Services

Duong, Khang

Admissions Counselor, Admissions and Recruiting

Elkins, Barry

Head Coach, Women’s Soccer

Ellison, John

Police Officer, Campus Police

Ellison, Missy

Information Technology Assistant

Entzminger, Cindy

Clerk, Mail Services

Everett, Mark

Clerk, Mail Services

Fincher, Sherri

Records Coordinator, Registrar’s Office

Fitzgerald, Carlton

Courier and Warehouse Clerk, Facilities Services

Fitzwater, Wendi

Resident Director, Student Development

Fleming, Doak

Manager, Athletic Events

Ford, Melissa

Director, Graduate Admissions

Fralicks, Kevin

Senior Director, Development

Frazier, Mike

Director, Procurement Services

Fredenburg, Cody

Assistant Coach, Football

Fredenburg, Gary D. “Pete”

Head Coach, Football

Fredenburg, Lindsay

Assistant Director, Relationship Management

Freeman, Patricia

Secretary, College of Sciences

Freerksen, Chris

Gardener II, Facilities Services

Frost, Rob

Head Coach, Volleyball

Fuessel, Linda S.

Secretary to the Dean, College of Christian Studies

Fulton, Shiloh

Acquisitions and Interlibrary Loans Manager, Library

Garcia, James

Manager, Maintenance and Construction Facilities Services

Gary, Jonathan

Director, UMHB Conservatory of Music

Garza, Cheryl

Secretary, Alumni Relations

George, Joseph

Assistant Coach, Football

Gill, Megan

Secretary, International Student Services

Glaske, Tucker

Assistant Director, Development

Goff, Karen

Recruiting Coordinator, Football

Green, Chris

Assistant Resident Director and Quality Coordinator, Residence Facilities

Green, Heather

Student Success Specialist, Center for Academic Excellence

Greeson, Shannon

Financial Aid Counselor

Guerra, Jesse

Maintenance Technician II, Facilities Services

Hammond, Sarah

Resident Director, Student Development

Hammonds, Christan

Resident Director, Student Development

Hampton, Christopher

Manager, Electro-Mechanical Services, Facilities Services

Hansen, Heather

Secretary, Counseling, Testing, and Health Services

Hardin, Joey

Maintenance Technician II, Facilities Services

Hargrove, Laura

Chemistry Lab Coordinator, College of Sciences

Harmon, Larry

Defensive Coordinator, Football

Harris, Brent

Associate Vice President for Information Technology

Harrison, Dr. George

Director, Digital Media Services, Information Technology

Hausam, Daryl

Athletic Trainer, Athletics

Hearne, Shannon

Administrative Assistant, Campus Planning and Support Services

Heller, Sandy

Circulation Manager, Library

Hennig, Larry

Head Coach, Women’s Softball

Hernandez Jr., Charles

Maintenance Technician II, Facilities Services

Hickman, David

Sportsplex Groundskeeper, Facilities Services

Holt, Victor

Plumber II, Facilities Services

Humphrey, Guy

Gardener II, Facilities Services

Hutcheson, Lucy

Webmaster, Information Technology

Irvine, Matthew

Manager, Web Services

Isbell, Cody

Special Events Coordinator, University Host

Ivy, Carolyn

Public Services Officer

Jennings, Suzy

Help Desk Coordinator, Information Technology

Johnson, Steve

Maintenance Technician II, Facilities Services

Johnston, Zane

Assistant Coach, Men’s Basketball

Jones, Jennifer

Editor and Senior Writer, Communications and Special Projects

Jones, Michael

HVAC Technician I, Facilities Services

Jones, Nicholas

Admissions and Electronics Communications Counselor, Admissions and Recruiting

Jones, Phillip

Resident Director, Student Development

Kahlig, Charla

Controller, Controller’s Office

Kemp, Timothy

Resident Director, Student Development

Kirby, Darla

Associate Director, Athletics & Athletics Compliance Officer

Klumpe, Austin

Assistant Coach, Women’s Basketball

Kolodziejczyk, Susan

Director, Development

Krueger, Zachary

Assistant Director, Financial Aid

Kung, Shawn

Director, Information Technology

Lahey, Cindy

Office Coordinator, Police Support Services

Lamm, Gary

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

Ligon, Cornell

Grounds Custodian, Facilities Services

Lin, Daniel

Systems Administrator, Library

Loutherback, Dr. George

University Chaplain

Lovall, Whisper

Records Assistant, Admissions and Recruiting

Low, Sylvia

Academic Technology Support Specialist, Instructional Technology

Lowery, Lillie

Graduation Coordinator, Registrar’s Office

Lusby, D’Andra

Secretary, Career Services

Maiden, Lisa

Secretary to the Dean, College of Sciences

Mann, Randall

Vice President for Athletics

Marek, David

Administrative Support and Work Control Services Manager

Martin, Edward

Senior Vice President for Campus Planning and Support Services

Martin, Rayford

Dean of Students

Martin, Tracy

Application Engineer, Information Technology

Martinez, Rick

Director, Facilities Services

Maybin, Elizabeth

Senior Athletic Trainer

McCarthy, Anthony

Maintenance Technician II, Facilities Services

McCarthy, Mike

Director, Campus Activities

McCauley, Peggy

Human Resources Assistant

McClure, Jared

Simulation Lab Technology Coordinator, College of Nursing

McCoy, Yvette

Records Clerk, Registrar’s Office

McDowell, Tamara

Secretary to the Dean, College of Humanities

McGilvray, Amy


McKay, Teri

Bookstore Clerk

McLaughlin, T.R.

Construction Technician II, Facilities Services

McMillan, Latricia

Manager, Mail Services

McMilloan, Mike

Locksmith and Key Technician II, Facilities Services

McPeak, Patricia

Student Accounts Manager, Controller’s Office

Mertz, Kevin

Police Officer

Mihatsch, Chelsi

Student Accounts Representative, Controller’s Office

Mihatsch, Frank

Maintenance and Millwork Technician, Facilities Services

Minton, Sarah

Assistant Sports Information Director

Mills, Sonia

Secretary, Facilities Services

Moon, Carla

Secretary, Exercise & Sports Science

Moore, Tommy

Network Engineer, Information Technology

Morin, Henry

Assistant Director, Admissions and Recruiting

Morton, Stephen

Assistant Director, Mayborn Campus Center

Mosley, Stephen

Police Officer, Campus Police

Moya, Cindy

Assistant Coordinator, Development Services

Mraz, Susan

Event Services Manager

Muller, Joy

Associate Director, Student Counseling, Testing and Health Services

Munoz, Patrick

Admissions Counselor, Admissions and Recruiting

Nelson, Fred

HVAC Technician II, Facilities Services

Newman, Kimberly

Assistant Cashier, Controller’s Office

Norris, Julie

Assistant Coach, Women’s Softball

Norvell, Will

Assistant Resident Director, Student Life

Nunez, Claudia

Administrative Assistant, Executive Offices

O’Banion, Rebecca

Director, Alumni Relations

Oldham, Dr. Steve

Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Oliver, Karen

Secretary, College of Sciences

O’Rear, Dr. Randy

President and Chief Executive Officer

Orsag, David

Associate Director, Financial Aid

Osborn, Miki

Physical Plant Invoice Coordinator

Owens, Don

Director, Student Career Services

Owens, Susan

Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Legal Liaison

Padilla, Michele

Director, Foundation Relations

Patin, Ken

HVAC Supervisor, Facilities Services

Pattee, Robert

Associate Vice President for Campus Planning

Payne, Robin

Bookstore Clerk

Pearson, Karol

Loan Specialist, Financial Aid

Peters, Aaron

Gardener II, Landscape Services

Piedra, Ramon

Irrigation Technician, Facilities Services

Plank, Donna

Associate Dean of Students & Director, Residence Life, Student Development

Pointer, Larry

Director, Saftey

Ramirez, Edna

Employee Benefits Manager, Human Resources

Ramm, Jennifer

Vice President for Business and Finance & Chief Financial Officer

Ratliff, John

Maintenance Technician II, Facilities Services

Reeves, Larry

Director, Mayborn Campus Center and University Host

Renfro, Penny

Accounting Administrative, Controller’s Office

Retta, Rebeka

Resident Director, Student Development

Revis, Rickey

Police Officer, Campus Police

Robinson, Carol

Administrative Receptionist, Sanderford Administrative Complex

Roby, Jane

Secretary to the Dean, College of Education

Rodeffer, Aaron

Head Coach, Men’s Golf

Rodriguez, Renaud

HVAC Technician II, Facilities Services

Rodriguez, Sandra

Secretary, English Department, College of Humanities

Rogers, Phyllis

Executive Assistant, Executive Offices

Rosenberger, Deborah, R.N.

Health Services Coordinator, Student Counseling, Testing and Health Services

Roush, Janey

Secretary, Alumni Development & Planned Giving

Roush, Jessica

Manager, Cru Card Office, Information Technology

Russell, Roger

Construction Technician II, Facilities Services

Sallee, Jake

System Engineer, Information Technology

Sargent, Gary

Director, Campus Police

Schilling, Robin

Manager, IT Applications, Information Technology

Seale, Patrick

Building Access Control Technician, Facilities Services

Selman, Lucinda

Certification Coordinator, College of Education

Shelton, Mandy

Human Resources Generalist, Human Resources

Shinn, Jeff

Offensive Coordinator, Football

Shipp, Ben

Head Coach, Baseball

Shipp, Kyle

Assistant Coach, Baseball

Siler, Arlo

Hardware Engineer II, Information Technology

Sims, Cheryl

Administrative Assistant, Communications and Special Projects

Smith, Jheri Lynn

Administrative Assistant, Student Life

Smith, Mark

Police Officer

Sortman, Jason

HVAC Technician II

Spradlin, Cathleen

Payroll Specialist, Controller’s Office

Squarcette, Traci

Secretary, UMHB Conservatory of Music

Stafford, James

Director, Marketing and Public Relations

Stanton, Hollie

Associate Director, Admissions and Recruiting

Stinson, Shae

Administrative Assistant, Executive Offices

Sutton, Jeffrey

Assistant Director, Campus Activities

Tanaka, Elizabeth

Director, International Student Services

Tanner, Dr. Paula

Vice President for Communications and Special Projects

Taylor, Lisa Curliss

Head Coach, Women’s Basketball

Theodore, Dr. Steve

Senior Vice President for Administration & Chief Operating Officer

Thielepape, Alisha

Special Assistant to the President, Executive Offices

Thielepape, Chad

Assistant Coach, Baseball

Tryon, Cynthia

Secretary, Registrar’s Office

Turner, Danyelle

Assistant Controller, Controller’s Office

Twilleager, David

Athletics Videographer

Vannatta, Tory

Electrician III, Facilities Services

Walker, Julia

Resident Director, Student Development

Wallin, Jon

Director, Sports Information

Weathersbee, Dr. Byron

Vice President for Student Life

Weaver, Susan

Director, Campus Recreation

Webb, Elizabeth

Assistant Registrar, Registrar’s Office

Wible, Suzie

Records Manager, Human Resources

Widmer, Chad

Inventory Supply Manager, Athletics

Wiggins, David

Maintenance Technician II, Facilities Services

Williams, Alyssa

Digital Media Services Assistant

Williams, Nathan

Director, Student Counseling, Testing and Health Services

Wofford, Melisa

Network Manager, Information Technology

Wright, Patti

Resident Director, Student Development

Wurdemann, Tiffany

Director, Student Organizations

Yandell, Randy

Director, Graphic Services